7 Ways to Simplify Your Life

I’ve been overwhelmed lately (there, I said it). Over the past few months, the simplest tasks like checking my email, doing the dishes, and putting away clean clothes have left me feeling a bit anxious. Since I have so many areas in which I feel overwhelmed, I just leave it be and distract myself. This, of course, doesn’t help, and causes me to feel even MORE overwhelmed.

Oof. So lately, I’ve been simplifying, and it feels so good. Here’s how you can simplify your life, too!

  1. Get rid of all the crap you don’t need. We ALL have a drawer or box of “just in case” stuff. Let’s face it: you’re never going to use that notebook that still has 5 sheets of unused paper or that reference book you’ve had for 4 years but haven’t used once (because the internet exists).
  2. Donate all clothes that don’t fit (properly). Even if you lose that last five pounds, a shirt that just doesn’t fit still won’t fit. Donate clothes of the wrong fit/cut/don’t make you feel beautiful, along with all the clothes that are the wrong size.
  3. Unsubscribe. Do you get 12 emails from The Loft or Younkers each week and don’t find yourself shopping there? If you don’t use the coupons you receive, take yourself off the list.
  4. Get a secondary email address (yes, this seems counter-intuitive, but hold on!). If you just can’t pass up those exclusive coupons from your favorite stores, make a secondary email address. Then, you can log in IF you’re heading to one of those stores anyway and would like a coupon. Then mass delete everything you haven’t used since you last logged in.
  5. Delete. Delete. Delete! Comb through emails and receipts. This takes some time, but the benefits are awesome. Just last month I found the receipt from a hair cut I had done in 2011. (Yes, that’s ridiculous.) Keep any emails and receipts you might REALISTICALLY need. I throw out receipts for anything I can’t return; those from restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations are useless to me. I can’t return the food I ate or gas I used two months ago.
  6. Return anything you haven’t used/worn since you bought it. Did you buy a piece of clothing that you later realized doesn’t fit with your wardrobe (and would have to buy yet another piece of clothing to wear the first one)? Return it. Did you just HAVE to have a new juicer so you could make awesome juices and be super-duper healthy, but then realize that you have to buy $10 worth of veggies for one glass and thus haven’t opened it? If you don’t use it, you shouldn’t have it.
  7. Organize! Clear, plastic totes have been so useful for me. They allow me to rotate my closet based on season and store things I don’t need on a daily basis.

Those are my tips, but simplification is still a work in progress (as is life). How do you keep your life simplified? :)